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Target: Reimagined Experience



The Target Corporation is an American big box department store chain. They sell a wide variety of food and general merchandise featuring anything from clothing to household goods to electronics and toys.

Target customizes the assortment of each store to its neighborhood and their local guests, so each shopper gets a shopping experience perfectly tailored to them.

My team and I wanted to reimagine Target's shopping experience and create something more personalized and immersive for users.

My role

I was a UX designer for this project in 2022 brainstorming different challenges, ideating early concepts, presenting to leadership, and delivering final assets.

I worked in a cross-functional team that included 2 additional UX designers, 2 product managers, and 2 engineers.

The challenge

"Build an app that allows users to have the most efficient and best experience purchasing groceries in a store"
mobile screenshot of walmart's homepagemobile screenshot of amazon's app homepagemobile app screenshot of starbuck's app homepage

Competitive Analysis: 
Digital Shopping

Customers desire a personal touch within their shopping experiences

58% of customers feel more favorable towards companies whose apps that remember their past behavior

When unsure about what item to purchase...

Customers have trouble comparing items and spend a lot of time deciding

Customers have difficulty finding items relevant to them

Have to scroll too much to find brands/items they actually like/need

photo of woman smiling

Shopper Susan

“I want to get the best shopping experience tailored to my varying daily needs while staying true to my values”

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Stay-at-home parent

Susan is a former product manager who recently transitioned to a stay-at-home mom to be with her two children, ages 6 months and 4. She enjoys hosting guests at her home and entertaining her children everyday.

She's friendly and loves talking with other parents and their kids. Her schedule varies each day because of her kids' school, extracurriculars, PTO, and other volunteer opportunities, and that dictates how much time she has to spend on errands.

She values efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability. She takes pride in using cooking with quality ingredients and keeping the house clean. With cooking, she likes to meal prep to make sure that there are healthy snacks for kids when they are hungry.

Susan is an efficient buyer. She practices brand loyalty, enjoys meal prepping, and often takes her kids grocery shopping.

She's often busy and short on time, and is looking for a shopping experience that caters to her needs.

Susan looks for an experience that is budget friendly and convenient.

woman holding kid in lavender field

Our Goals:

dice icon

Provide Target customers with the ability to streamline their visit with the use of a shortest route feature

shopping bag icon

Remove the confusion and frustration from the shopping experience

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To integrate the digital shopping experience at Target with the physical shopping experience

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Create a more personalized shopping experience for Target customers

groceries image

Pain points:


  • Staying organized with list items
  • Feeling unsure of what brand to buy.
  • Staying within a budget


  • Prioritizing grocery list items
  • Substituting list items for higher priority items
  • Scheduling grocery trips


  • Locating list items
  • Staying on task with list items
  • Short on time


  • Long check-out lines/ extended process
  • Over budget
  • Forgotten list items
journey map screenshot

Through our journey map, we found 5 opportunity areas.


How may we seamlessly integrate grocery shopping into the shopper's daily life?


How may we help the shopper find their priority items while ensuring that they stay within their desired budget?


How may we help shoppers find (new) products that meet their ethical / environmental goals so that they are confident in purchasing?


How may we ensure that customers go through the most efficient route within the store?


How may we make shopping fun for parents and their kids?

screenshot of lightning demo

Lightning Demos where existing features in shopping apps served as inspiration for our rapid sketching session ⚡️

screenshot of crazy 8s sketches

✏️ Brainstorming sesh where each member of the team completed their individual Crazy 8 sketches

low fidelity wireframe showing trip calculation

Low fidelity wireframe to explore trip calculation and schedule slots

medium fidelity wireframe displaying the aisle view of your item location

Medium fidelity wireframe displaying the aisle view of your item location

medium fidelity wireframe exploring step-by-step recommended route

Medium fidelity wireframe exploring a step-by-step, recommended route you can take through the store

high fidelity wireframe showing linked virtual and physical cart

High fidelity wireframe showcasing a linked virtual and physical cart for easy checkout via QR code

Target cover image

Want to immerse yourself into the experience?
Check out our prototype 👇🏻


UX designers: Jennifer He, Maggie Pan

Product Designers: Azana Walker, Kate Mojica

Engineers: Jackson Heintz, Jessica Lei

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